IMG_7630Hey, friends!

Welcome to my climate blog. My name is Deb, based in Chicago, IL, and I’m hopeful that these pages can be a place where we can learn alongside each other as we navigate the impact of climate change on our planet. What will you find here? Hopefully easily digestible information about a variety of climate-related topics, as well as information about climate-related events, films, articles, marches, etc, that you may want to look into on your own.

Also, in June 2017 I’ll be participating in a 300-mile ride down the California coast (the Climate Ride) in an effort to raise awareness and interest in climate change. You’ll find information about that experience here too.

Finally, in the longer term (maybe 12-18 months), I hope to travel to Greenland, where I’ll document everything I see and learn there (considered Ground Zero) on these pages — so we can all witness firsthand what’s happening to our world. And then figure out what to do about it.