Shell Shocked


If you haven’t already heard the unsettling news, Shell has joined ExxonMobil on the list of leading energy companies who knew about climate change decades ago — in fact, Shell even produced an educational video on the subject in the early 1990s that, according to experts, is remarkably accurate in its dark projections about how the environment would be negatively impacted, warning that climate change would likely happen “at a rate faster than at any time since the end of the ice age – change too fast perhaps for life to adapt, without severe dislocation”.  Can we all just join together now and say in unison: WTF?

The film, “Climate of Concern” was created by Shell for distribution to schools and universities and resurfaced earlier this week due to the research of Jelmer Mommers of the Dutch blog, The Correspondent. Click here to read the article and to watch the video for yourself: – it’s a quick watch, but be forewarned, you may find yourself uncharacteristically angry as you absorb it. (I did!)

In a nutshell, using computer modeling, the film predicts that the Earth’s temperature could increase 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050. Incredibly, scientific consensus today estimates that Earth will warm another 2 degrees Celsius by mid-century. And yet, despite this finding, Shell ignored its own research and in the years following invested billions of dollars in highly polluting tar sand operations, exploration into drilling in the Arctic, and lobbying against climate change legislation (to name a few fun activities).

Appalling, no??? Leading environmentalist, Bill McKibbon (my personal hero), from 350.0rg, summarized this recent information very accurately:

“The fact that Shell understood all this in 1991, and that a quarter-century later it was trying to open up the Arctic to oil-drilling, tells you all you’ll ever need to know about the corporate ethic of the fossil fuel industry. Shell made a big difference in the world – a difference for the worse.”

Well done, Shell.

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