Pedaling for a Purpose


Some of you may already know that I’m riding in the Climate Ride this June — a 4-day treak from San Francisco down the California coast to San Luis Obispo. With the warm weather in Chicago during February, I was able to start my “training” a little earlier than expected. I say “training” with a wink, as that sounds far too official for what I do. Training, to me, sounds like a lot of hard work, but I actually enjoy and look forward to my long solo rides up and down Lake Michigan. Some days I’m freezing my ass off in fog and drizzle, but the next day might be 60 and sunny. Every day is different with my constant companion (the lake) who seems to have a severe personality disorder…reminiscent of that famous charmer, Sybil.

My friend, Beth, will be joining me on this adventure, and we’ve been joking about how we we’ll be the “sweepers” at the rear of the pack — making sure everyone “makes it.” No doubt we will be dragging our weary asses into the campsites each night to rolled eyes from our 20 or so other teammates (waiting to eat). Hopefully this won’t really be the case, but I guess my point is that you don’t have to be a super-athlete to do something like this. You just have to care enough to sign up — and to ask your friends, family, and strangers on the street to support you.

I’ll post periodic updates here on my “training” which is good for both my mind and spirit, but even more, I like to think it’s good for the planet. At worst, it’s a pitiful attempt to do something good, but at best — it’s me doing something tangible to preserve this spinning orb we call home.

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