People’s Climate March, Chicago

The People’s Climate Movement is a project of dozens of organizations working together to solve the climate crisis, including, Greenpeace USA, and the Sierra Club. On April 29, the People’s Climate March will be held in Washington DC and is likely to be attended by hundreds of thousands of people. In solidarity, Chicago will also be hosting a Climate March, and tonight I had the pleasure of meeting at Food and Water Watch to help with the planning of our Climate March launch party on April 1.

As noted on On Sept. 21, 2014 the People’s Climate Movement organized the historic People’s Climate March on the eve of the UN Climate Summit. As heads of state from around the world gathered, 400,000 people from every walk of life marched through the streets of New York City demanding bold and urgent action of the global climate crisis. That march laid the foundation for the growth of the People’s Climate Movement.

These kinds of things don’t just happen. It takes a lot of planning, collaboration, and dreaming to make a march a reality, but — more importantly — it takes a lot of people to make a movement. That’s where you come in.

In the words of Carl Sagan:

Anything else you’re interested in is not going to happen if you can’t breathe the air and drink the water. Don’t sit this one out. Do something.

Join us!