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One of the things that shocked me most when I started researching climate change is how simple it is to find a plethora of information online — most of it irrefutably confirming that “climate change is real” — how frustrating is it that we actually have to keep saying this?!

But I digress. If you have gone online to look, you know what I’m talking about. And the sad realization is that despite the availability of dependable information, most people just don’t have the energy or interest to seek out reputable sites. So…I’m doing it for you. Below are links to a short list of dependable sites that I recommend visiting if you are interested in learning (and doing) more about climate change. Happy learning! – My favorite source of information. Founder Bill McKibbon is awesome! I saw him speak the day after the election. He was exhausted but not defeated. Check it out. – Great global perspectives. – Started in January 2006, the DeSmogBlog Project is a great source of fact-based information regarding global warming misinformation (alternative facts?) campaigns.

And finally, a great visual from




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