Life in the New World, 2017


Hey, friends!

Welcome to my climate blog — a place where I hope we can learn alongside each other as we navigate life in the new world order as of January 2017. If you don’t already know, our planet has experienced about 1 degree (Celsius) of warming, and the impacts of that 1 degree are deeply alarming, including:

  • Glaciers around the world are melting and disappearing, threatening the primary source of clean water for millions of people
  • Drought is becoming more common, making food difficult to grow in many places
  • Sea levels are rising, and could go up as much as several meters this century
  • Oceans are becoming more acidic because of the carbon dioxide they are absorbing from our unnatural environment, making it harder for animals like corals and clams to build their shells
  • Extreme weather (eg, hurricanes, typhoons, blizzards, and droughts) is becoming more common
  • Additionally, as noted by In the summer of 2012, roughly half of the Arctic’s sea ice went missing…The entire Arctic region is undergoing drastic changes, threatening vital habitat for countless species (yes, including polar bears) and the livelihoods of many indigenous communities. This is also bringing us closer to dangerous tipping points, like the breakdown of the Greenland ice sheet and major methane releases from quickening permafrost melt. (Accessed from, Feb 2017.)

Seriously disturbing, right? I am no expert, whatsoever, but I respect and trust science, and the science behind our warming planet is irrefutable. Our global climate is changing profoundly and rapidly, and human activity is the cause. Consider that 97% (!) of climate scientists agree that our planet is warming due to human impact on CO2 levels. 97%!!!

So what to do? Well, for starters, we can start learning as much as possible about the science of climate change so that when we come across climate deniers, we can explain in no uncertain terms: CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL. And we can ask others what they know, and share the information we know. We can support organizations and individuals doing important (essential!) climate research and activism. In short, we can care. The halcyon days of trusting that somebody else will do it are over. It’s time to get serious before our precious planet literally deconstructs. There is no Plan(et) B.

You in?